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I’ve partnered with brands & companies that I believe in, who share similar clean beauty or slow fashion values, and from whom I’ve purchased from personally.

If you use these links to place an order, I will get a small commission. Thank you for supporting me! It helps keep my little space on the internet going.



Credo Beauty

One of my favorite places to shop for clean beauty. I consider this place the Sephora of clean beauty. All of the products they sell contain natural, effective, clean ingredients, and some safer synthetic ingredients. They carry some of my favorite brands: ILIA, Kaia Naturals, Kosas, Indie Lee, Gressa, etc. They have a great rewards program that lets you redeem points for deluxe or full-sized products, or in-person spa services. Check out their Dirty List — a comprehensive list of ingredients that are not found in any of their products.

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Alima Pure

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A woman-founded company, Tradlands makes super high-quality wardrobe essentials inspired by menswear staples. Think classic button-downs, tees, and timeless chinos with thoughtful details. They partner with manufacturers in the USA, Mexico, Italy, and China who hold social welfare and production quality to the highest standard. They visit their factories often and ensure their workers are paid a living wage and work in clean environments. Their fabrics are sourced sustainably, and are made of natural fibers when possible. Ethical manufacturing & sustainable production is a priority with them. I know that my investment pieces will last me for years to come. Their clothes are finely-crafted and thoughtful. When examining them, I often think, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!”

Use code ‘MAYETTE15’ for 15% off your first order.




Everlane is very much the “gateway brand” to slow fashion; it’s one of the first companies I shopped from when I started buying more consciously. Their factories are located all over the world, and they visit often to evaluate fair wages, reasonable hours and environment. They sometimes broadcast stories from these visits and hold Q&As with various employees during their Transparency Tuesday series on Instagram. They are also very transparent about their pricing and product launches. They source their fine materials like cashmere, cotton, and leather to be of the highest quality. Their models represent a vast range of shapes, sizes, and races. I am a huge fan of their stretch denim. Petites, rejoice: Their bottoms are often offered in shorter hems!

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VETTA Capsule

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