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Thoughts on Shopping Guilt

This Aerie sweatshirt wasn’t made ethically or sustainably. It isn’t made purely of natural or recycled materials. I don’t know anything about the founders of Aerie, their factories, or the people who made this sweatshirt.

When I first saw it online, I fell in love with the neutral-colored camo, something I had previously only seen on the likes of a Kardashian. 🙃 At the time, it wasn’t even an option for me to purchase; it was just another fast fashion item that I couldn’t justify so I admired it and moved on.

Then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Months went by and I was still looking it up online just to look at it. I dreamt up ways I could style it with items I already owned. I tried looking for a more responsibly-made version of it but came up short. The thought of wanting something that went against the wardrobe standards I’ve been trying so hard to achieve was a big struggle for me. Would this set me back? Would this make me a hypocrite?

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