Spring 2019 10x10 Challenge


This past March, the moderators behind @selltradslowfashion & @buyfrombipoc hosted the Spring 10x10 Wardrobe Challenge. This one was a little different from past challenges hosted by Caroline of Un-Fancy and Lee from Style Bee, in that there was a focus on highlighting items made by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) makers. Riding the wave of inclusivity brought on by #10x10representationmatters during the Fall 10x10, this particular Spring Challenge was extra special for me, as a woman of color in the slow fashion space. Inclusivity is something I’ve been reading up on, exploring how it applies across different aspects of my life - work, friendships, and now, fashion.

The rules were the same - 10 items making 10 outfits in 10 days. Including items made by BIPOC makers was not a requirement, but was a theme throughout the challenge that resonates with me still today. I went into this challenge surprised that I don’t own very many items from BIPOC makers. In fact, the only items I had in my selections from BIPOC makers were a tee from Loyale Studio, and a jacket I made myself (does that count?).

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10x10 Selections

What I Learned

  • My biggest takeaway from this challenge was that I don’t own very many things made by BIPOC makers. I’m sad to say that I’m ashamed at this realization. Since this challenge, I’ve been keeping my eye out for BIPOC brands - the @buyfrombipoc IG feed is a great resource for discovering some of these makers!

  • Neutral color palettes are so easy! I mean, I knew they were, but actually limiting myself to one solidifed that fact. It was so easy to mix and match these pieces. I felt like I could have created at least 10 more outfits.

  • I want more basics.

  • I don’t need to be afraid of the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim). I really liked that look!

  • Proportions - Because my me-made Wiksten Haori jacket was so oversized, I felt I could either lean into the oversized look with my Easy Chinos, or go for some contrast with some slimmer-fitting Cigarette jeans. I think skinnies would also look great with this silhouette.

  • It was so empowering and fulfilling to want to reach for a piece I made myself. I am fortunate enough to live near a place that holds sewing workshops - Sew Shop Sacramento. If you’re local - I highly recommend taking a class with Chelsea! She’s awesome.

  • I think I still like overalls. I’ve been trying to decide if I should get rid of these secondhand overalls for a while now, but I received so many compliments whenever I wore them! Now, do I love the overalls or do I love the compliments - that is a whole nother discussion.

  • My kitty Luna loves hanging out during my little photo shoots (see my IG feed for more kitty photobombs).

  • Having an indoor photo space is super convenient but, having a rolled up runner makes things icky. I have to figure out how to straighten that!

10x10 Looks

Shoes, Outerwear and Everyday Go-tos

I chose not to include shoes in my selections. I found myself reaching for mules, sneakers, and block heels for the challenge. They were all in a neutral color, which made them easy to pair with most all of my clothes. I picked up these gorgeous Whiskey + Wine Arc Earrings at Local Nomad during a recent trip to Arizona - I’m so in love. I don’t own anything like them; they are my first statement earrings, and I want more! Lastly, this belt was a gift from my boyfriend. I’ve been ogling his Tanner Goods belt for years and have watched it develop a personal patina that is just gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how mine turns out!

Final Thoughts

It’s really exciting to see some stirring discussion around representation and inclusivity in the slow fashion space - I don’t often partake; I’ve been more observing and trying to learn. However, these discussions have really trickled into other parts of my life. In a leadership class I recently completed at work, my final presentation was on Inclusive Leadership. It was a very bold and daunting topic, but the response was incredible. The discussion was lively and very respectful. If I can help spur that kind of thought and discussion, then I feel like I’m on the right track. I feel the same way about the pillars of this movement in the ethical, sustainable spaces on Instagram.

I’ve now completed four 10x10 wardrobe challenges. I told myself that would be it - that I will have completed four seasons, and I would be done. But I’m currently in the middle of a May 30x30 Wardrobe Challenge hosted by Sara of Petra Alexandra, sooooo, IDK what to tell you.

- Mayette