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My 2018 Beauty and Style MVPs

This past year saw a huge change in buying behavior for me. The second half of my year was focused on a more concerted effort in minimalism and conscious consumption. I want to quickly highlight some of my workhorse items that I reached for over and over throughout 2018.

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Pacifica Desert Princess Nail Polish Review

Last week I treated myself to a mani/pedi at a local eco nail salon. For my toes, I selected a Pacifica polish mostly out of curiosity; I'd never tried their line of nail polish before. I really liked how it turned out, so that night I looked up what other shades they had. I was super intrigued by their fun topcoats, Unicorn Horn & Rainbow Gloss (hello holo!). Obviously, I got them, but I was most interested in this beautiful rust shade, which I haven't really seen in nail polish before.

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Zoya Naked Manicure Mini Pro Kit Review

The Naked Manicure is perfect if you're transitioning from gels to natural nails. It'll help restore and rebuild your nail strength while giving the tired nails a rejuvenated, healthy look. If your workplace doesn't allow flashy manicures, this could be your answer to getting those nails did while still looking polished. It's also the perfect solution for busy moms, atheletes, and even grooming-conscious men.

For me, it's great to take a break from my usual painted nails and enjoy the fresh, natural look once in a while. I'm usually discouraged from this because my nails will often have some discoloration from multiple polish changes. That's what I love about the Lavender Perfector! It's like makeup for your nails.

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