TDE Classic Long Cardholder Review


It was only recently that I realized my nickname (MAY) could fit in a standard monogram. Now that I know this, I fully plan on personalizing anything and everything I purchase this way. I wanted to share my thoughts on a cardholder I've been using for a little over a year now. It's the Classic Black Long Cardholder from The Daily Edited.


First off, a little about the cardholder itself: It's sleek-looking with five card slots and a zippered compartment. The side housing the cards is made of smooth leather while the other is made of 100% saffiano leather. The zippered compartment has a fabric lining on the inside. The cardholder's dimensions are H 3" x W 5.1" x D 0.4". You can purchase this cardholder for $60 from TDE's website (if you're not in New York).

If you think the silhouette looks familiar, you may recognize it because it looks an awful lot like this 5 Fragments Zip Pouch from Saint Laurent. 

This is the first iteration of TDE's Long Cardholder, which, as of today, is still available on their site in Black. The newer version comes in Black, Ink Navy, Pale Pink, and Taupe. It looks like instead of full saffiano/smooth leather side panels, you get a halfsies situation.

I love how sleek it looks. To me, this is a step above your standard cardholder because it can hold loose change in the zippered compartment plus a couple more cards. The gold hardware against the saffiano leather is a nice touch of luxury. I opted for the classic black because up until now, all of my wallets have been outrageously "statement" wallets and I wanted something a little more neutral for a change. I bought this style with the hopes of consolidating my life into a few card slots and some change.

I placed my order on January 15th of 2017. I received a shipping confirmation 7 days later. It shipped via Fedex on the 24th and arrived at my door on the 26th. I'm actually not sure if 7 days is standard for a monogrammed piece - the only other monogramming experience I've had has been in store at Cuyana, where it took about 10 minutes. So if you know if 7 days is a long time for monogramming, please reset my expectations!


It's been over a year now and the cardholder is starting to show signs of wear. The rubbery material at the seam is starting to lift in two places, as you can see in the photos. The monogram has held up well considering how much I throw this thing around. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how many pockets this cardholder has been slid/forced into, let alone how many swaps between my work backpack to my purse this has endured.

I personally store too many cards in it. I know this because it's a struggle to get cards out. I would say keeping one card per slot is ideal to avoid any nail bending during retrieval. I also keep this thing stuffed with receipts and change in the zippered compartment. I have to carry my infrequently-reached-for cards for insurance or memberships in another cardholder. After a year of use, I've realized that this cardholder is no longer serving my needs seeing that I want to keep my insurance and membership cards with me at all times. I really need a real-deal wallet. It has served me well over the past year and I'll keep it for occasions where I know I'll only need to carry absolute essential cards.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a wallet that can hold a little more of my junk while still maintaining a similarly sleek profile. Perhaps the Cuyana Envelope Wallet or the Dagne Dover Slim Wallet?


If you have a handful of cards you need to tote around with you, would like a zippered compartment to store anything loose, and prefer a slimmer profile, this would be a great option for you. Especially so if you're a fan of ~understated luxury~ and monogrammed personalization.

Buyer beware: This cardholder is conveniently-sized and easy to throw into pockets. I should mention that it's a little too easy to throw into pockets and thus... easy to forget. I've forgotten my cardholder after changing bags and jackets more times than I would like to admit. This probably says more about me than it does the cardholder. Take this warning with a grain of salt.

The TDE Classic Black Long Cardholder is available on for $60.

- Mayette